You want to keep your car looking as amazing as it did the day you drove it off the lot. That requires the best performing protection product on the market. If you want the best, Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating is the #1 option and backed by a seven-year warranty.

Ceramic Z-Gloss® adds a layer of protection that keeps your vehicle’s new car vibrancy and shine for years. We’re talking about an impact resistant, chemical resistant, acid rain resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant, temperature resistant high-gloss finish that will have your vehicle looking like new. Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating is hydrophobic (water resistant) and repels dirt and debris, making your car easier to clean and keeping it looking its best every day.

Maintenance Free

Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating comes with a seven-year limited warranty; no maintenance required. That’s right: this paint coating will stand up to wear and tear for a full seven years without needing a touch-up so you and your vehicle can keep on doing what makes you happy.