Kills the bacteria, mold and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort

Reduces the spread of influenza such as H1N1, SARS and the common cold

Improves air quality

Neutralize bad odor whilst deodorizing the interior of the home, vehicle, offices, toilets

Helps individuals with existing respiratory conditions such as allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma breath better

Removes buildup of bacteria colonies

Safe, non-toxic and environmentally-safe

Provides immediate and long term protection against bacteria and viruses

Improve air-conditioning efficiency, thus reducing your electricity cost

Spray on anti-bacterial coating last over 2 years and is self-cleaning, without the need for abrasive domestic cleaning agents

Flexible application techniques to cater to your needs

Affordable treatment programs to suit your budget

All solutions used are approved with proven lab tests by Chemlab, Chemsil, TÜV and SIRIM

With Bactakleen, you and your family can now have the peace of mind that you’re living, sleeping, working and travelling in a fresher and healthier environment.